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Chateau de Loei vineyard in Loei, Thailand

The Chateau de Loei vineyard is near Phu Reua which is in Loei province in the North East of Thailand. The vineyard covers 240 acres. Chateau de Loei produced Thailand’s first premium wine.

Let’s find out more about Chateau De Loei.

When is Chateau De Loei open?

The vineyard is open to visitors from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm every day.

The car park has a large shop that sells the wine from the vineyard and also a large selection of locally produced goods, a great stop for souvenir shopping.

Where is Chateau de Loei?

After leaving Phu Ruea on the road to Dan Sai, you will see the entrance after approximately 10 kilometers. There are two entrances. The first entrance will have a sign over the road to let you know that you have arrived, this sign is in Thai and English. This first entrance is to go to the winery and vineyards, which are about 2 or 3 kilometers down this road.

After this first road, you will see a turn left into the gift shop car park. There are plenty of spaces for cars. There is also parking for coaches. A lot of Thai tour companies have this as one of their tour stops.

Here is the gift shop on Google maps

The Chateau De Loei vineyards

Down the first road, you will come to the vineyards and the winery. You will probably see cows roaming around the vineyards.

Chateau de Loei
Chateau De Loei

In the car park is a nice rest area to take in the views.

Rest area
Rest area in the car park

The Winery

Behind the store, is a road leading to the vineyard and the winery. Visitors are welcome to look around both.

In the winery building, you can look around. There is a room for free wine tasting and retailing of the wines produced here. They have red, white, and rose wines for sale here.

Winery building
Winery building

Quality awards

The wine produced here has received awards in 2004, 2005 and 2015.


This is a popular tourist destination for Thai tourists visiting the area. For tourists that do not have their own transport, it is a little difficult to get to.

The gift shop has several local goods and wine for sale, so if you are looking to buy souvenirs, it is OK. There is also a rest area to take a break.

The winery is dated, and there isn’t that much to see. If you are not in the area and make an effort to visit, I think you feel disappointed.

A better option is to visit Phu Ruea or Dan Sai.

They do have a website, but it is in Thai only.


Have you visited Chateau De Loei?

What did you think? Did you go to the winery?

I look forward to reading your comments.


  • Jon Lim

    We r now in Khao Kho leaving for Loei. Read reviews about Chateau de Loei winery – not worth visit, deserted, no grapes/wine to taste, expensive wines etc….what do you think?
    Any good hotel to stay for the new yr? Pl recc must visit places?

    • John

      I wouldn’t recommend going to the Chateau de Loei, it is basically a gift shop with a lot of land. There are many nice places to visit in Loei, check the pages on my website, there is information on the most popular ones. Hotels will be fully booked at this time of year, you are going to find it hard to find anything reasonable now. Check on and, you can use their filter options to find accommodation as per your preferences.

  • Anita

    Hey John, thanks for the information! Do you have any contact from someone at the winery, by any chance? I think they haven’t been producing wines for a while… their website is not working either.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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