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Thai Loei Ban Kang Pla weaving group

Thai Loei Ban Kang Pla weaving group is in a small village on the outskirts of Loei city. The group was formed to help generate income for the villagers. It is now a popular tourist attraction for visitors to Loei.

Let’s find out more about the Ban Kang Pla weaving group.

What is the Ban Kang Pla weaving group?

The group has a courtyard where they have set up old antiquated looms to weave clothing and other items. It is an open courtyard, and they are happy for visitors to watch them.

The group also have a gift shop. They have some of their own work for sale in this shop with other things too. If you are looking for something unique to take back home as presents, this could be of interest to you.

One of the looms at Thai Loei Ban Kang Pla weaving group
One of the looms in the courtyard

When the Ban Kang Pla Loei weaving group receive orders, the villagers then come to the courtyard to help complete the work. The workers get a share of the profits. The work is steady and generates extra income for the villagers.

What do they sell in the shop?

In the shop, they have Thai style shirts, jackets, scarves, shoulder bags, hats, purses, and many other cute items.

What time do they open?

They start work at about 09.00 and finish at about 16.00. If it is a religious day, they will not work. They will go to the local temple.

Where is the Thai Loei Ban Kang Pla weaving group?

The weaving group is about 3 km from Loei town center. It is in a village just off to the right of the main highway from Loei to Chiang Khan.

Here is the courtyard on Google maps.

YouTube video

Here is a video from The Stay Guest House of the villagers working the looms.

Locals working the looms.


The villagers working in the group are very friendly and love visitors. They don’t mind if you take photos or videos.

Compared to other similar groups around Thailand, this is a very small co-operative with a tiny courtyard. They don’t speak any English, so communication is challenging.

I wouldn’t make a special trip to Loei to visit the group, but if you are in Loei, it is an interesting attraction.

If you are looking for interesting things to do in Loei, then please check out my ‘things to do in Loei‘ post.


Have you ever visited the Thai Loei Kang Pla group?

Have you ever been to Loei?

I look forward to reading your comments.


  • connie

    hi…I am writing for some advice to see thai sakura in phu lom lo at the end of January,2020. Is it the right time to see cherry blossom? Is it easy to find a car with driver for a round trip to go to Ban Rong Kla? How about the price and do you have recommend driver? Thanks a lot.

    • John

      Hello, I have never been to see the Cherry Blossoms so I can’t help you very much I’m afraid. It is near Dansai, I recommend looking for accommodation in Dansai or around Dansai and then contact them with your questions.

  • Bob

    Hi, we are planning a trip to Loei in few weeks.
    Any tips on accommodation for family with 2 kids (5and 3)?
    We love the nature
    We prefer some comfort

    • John

      Hi, I am usually reluctant to recommend accommodation because Loei doesn’t have the same standards as say Bangkok or Chiang Mai. If you have small children, have a look at the ‘Loei Palace Hotel.’ It is in the city centre near the night market, has a swimming pool, and staff that can speak a bit of English. Go on and to read guest reviews. There are many alternatives but I am not sure what your priorities are. Use the search filter features on the websites I mentioned to shorten the list.

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