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Suan Sawan National Park

Suan Sawan National Park is in Loei province, about 60 kilometers from Loei city, and about 15 kilometers from Nong Hin.

The park is close to both Suan Hin Pha Ngam National Park and Phu Pa Por – Fuji Muang Loei. It is possible to spend the day visiting all three places. It is not often you get such great attractions so close together.

Let’s find out more about Suan Sawan National Park.

What is at Suan Sawan National Park?

This park is a nature trail through limestone rock formations. The path takes you over the top of the mountain and then comes down the other side so that you come back the same way, but underneath the limestone rocks.

The trail is mainly loose stones, and large rocks that move when you stand on them, be careful when you walk. Comfortable shoes are a must when visiting this park.

This park has guides that lead you through the nature trail. Not having a guide is not an option, it is easy to get lost, there are several paths leading in different directions.

Parts of the trail go through caves and are dark. Don’t worry, the guides have flashlights and will patiently shine them on the path as you walk. The guides will frequently stop to point out rock formations that look like animals.

This park has fewer visitors than in the other two parks. The low visitor count is probably down to the amount of walking involved. If you do not like walking, then you will perhaps not like Suan Sawan.

Part of the trail at Suan Sawan.
Part of the trail at Suan Sawan.

Where is Suan Sawan National Park?

Here is the visitor center on Google maps.

Suan Sawan National Park is about 6 km from Suan Hin Pha Ngam National Park. There is little on the internet about Suan Sawan. If you do visit this park, you will probably have the trail to yourself.

Suan Sawan is about 60 kilometers from Loei city. If you are staying in Nong Hin, then it is about 15 kilometers.

How much is the entrance fee?

The entrance fee is 100 baht for a group of no more than ten people. If you are on your own, you still pay 100 baht.

The visitor center is about two kilometers from the park trail, so you have to use the shuttle service. The fee is 20 baht per person. The 20 baht is for the ride in and the return trip.

After you pay your 100 baht entrance fee, a guide will introduce themselves to you and point you towards the shuttle.

A view from the shuttle service.
A view from the shuttle service.

Do you need a guide at this park?

Yes, you do. There are several trails in Suan Sawan going in different directions, if you were to take the wrong turn you would get lost.

Your guide will lead you down the nature trail and will check to make sure you are OK. The guide will frequently stop to point out interesting facts and point out rock formations that look similar to various animals or objects.

The guides also have torches to help light the way in the darker parts of the cave.

Parts of the trail have handrails.
Parts of the trail have handrails.

Park highlight

At Suan Sawun, there is a magnificent cave. You descend into the cave on a short ladder.

Once at the bottom of the ladder, you need to crouch down for a few meters and go to your right to reach the part of the cave where you can stand upright.

The ladder leading down into the cave at Suan Sawun.
The ladder leading down into the cave.
Suan Sawun, Loei
Inside the cave.

Should I take my camera?

Absolutely. There are many photo opportunities here. Please note, some of the caves don’t have much natural light, you will need to use your flash, so check your battery before leaving.

Suan Sawun, Loei
You will find many great angles for unique shots.


If you love nature and enjoy walking, then Suan Sawan National Park is a good choice for you to visit. It is so peaceful here.

As you walk, you can listen to the sounds of birds and the wind. Occasionally, you can hear the calls of monkeys in the distance.

Suan Sawan is near to Phu Pa Por and Suan Hin Pha Ngam; I recommend you visit all three in one day. You will be tired, but you will have a fantastic day.


Have you ever been to Suan Sawan National Park?

Have you ever been to Loei?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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