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Phu Pa Por – Fuji Muang Loei

Phu Pa Por – Fuji Muang Loei is different from other tourist sites around Loei because here, they use adapted tractors to take people up Phu Pa Por mountain. With so many great tourist attraction in Loei, it is difficult to choose a place to go. If you like nature, then I think you will love Phu Pa Por – Fuji Muang Loei.

Let’s find out more about Phu Pa Por.

Where is Phu Pa Por?

Phu Pa Por is about 70 kilometers from Loei city. If you are staying in Nong Hin, then it is about 22 kilometers.

It is five kilometers from Suan Hin Pha Ngam National Park – Khun Ming Muang Loei and about ten kilometers from Suan Sawan.

If you are planning to travel for a full day, then I recommend visiting all three sites. It is not often you get interesting tourist sites so close together like this.

Here is Phu Pa Por – Fuji Muang Loei on Google maps.

What is Phu Pa Por?

Phu Pa Por is the name of the mountain.

This tourist attraction has only been open since 2013 but is really becoming a popular tourist attraction in Loei with Thai visitors.

Adapted tractors take visitors up the mountain. On Phu Pa Por – Fuji Muang Loei, there are four viewpoints.

The first three viewpoints the tractor will take you to and wait for you. That gives you time to take in the beautiful scenery and take some photographs.

The fourth and final viewpoint is on the peak of the mountain.

The path to the peak is too narrow and steep for the tractor, so visitors have to climb to the final point on foot. The trail is about 200 meters long.

Phu Pa Por - Fuji Muang Loei
The second view point at Phu Pa Por – Fuji Muang Loei

How much is the entrance fee?

At the time of writing this article, the fee per person was 60 baht.

This fee includes the tractor ride up the mountain and also the return journey. The visitor center is in the main car park, it is here that you pay your 60 baht fee.

As you enter the car park, the visitor center will be directly ahead of you. There will be several orange tractors lined up in front of it.

How will I know which tractor to get on?

After you buy your ticket they will then assign you a tractor. The driver is usually near the ticket desk, he will give you a big smile and lead the way to his tractor.

If he is already on his tractor then someone will point him out to you.

Can I sit anywhere on the tractor?

On the way up the mountain, the drivers are okay for you to sit anywhere on the tractor.

There are bench type seats behind the driver and a single bench seat on the front of the tractor.

I would recommend you sit on the front bench. You will get the best unobstructed views on the way up.

On the return trip, the drivers ask you to sit on the back benches.

This is because the trail going up to the mountain is very steep in some places. So on the way down the driver will want the weight in the rear to help with balancing.

You can see the front bench on the tractor, in this photo.

Phu Pa Por, Loei
One of the tractors at Phu Pa Por

How long does the round trip take?

The round trip takes between one and one and a half hours.

It will be quicker than that if you decide not to go to the fourth viewpoint.

The tractors are quite fast so the time from the visitor center to the first view point is only about fifteen to twenty minutes.

Once you leave the visitor center the tractor will take a right off the main road and follow a private road to the mountain.

Along this road you pass through a village so will probably get a few locals waving at you. You will also pass tractors that are on the way back to the visitor center. The visitors on those tractors always give you a wave.

What can I see on the first viewpoint?

As the tractor reaches the top of a steep hill, the first view point will come into view.

The view is of the valley, and in the distance, you can see a flat top mountain.

It looks a bit like Mount Fuji in Japan. That is why this site is also called Fuji Muang Loei.

The tractor will stop just in front of this viewpoint to allow you to get off and take some photos. The driver will wait for you to return to the tractor to take you to the next view.

Here is the view from the first stop.

Phu Pa Por, Loei
The first view point at Phu Pa Por

What can I see on the second viewpoint?

At the second viewpoint, you can see the mount Fuji mountain from one side of the road.

From the other side of the road, you can see back towards the way that the tractor bought you up to the mountain.

There is furniture here for you to use as a photo prop, there are a swing and a bench.

Phu Pa Por, Loei
A photo prop at the second view point

What can I see on the third viewpoint?

The tractors have a parking area just below the third view point.

You get off here and then there is a short climb up a stairwell, cut into the hill, to the viewing platform at the third point.

From this platform you have a great view looking back towards Khun Ming Muang Loei.

Phu Pa Por, Loei
The stairwell leading to the third view point
Phu Pa Por, Loei
The viewing platform at the third view point

What can I see on the fourth viewpoint?

Just behind the view platform at the third viewing point is a trail leading into the trees. The start of the trail, that leads you to the peak of the mountain.

This trail takes you up a steep set of steps. At the top of the steps the trail continues for another 50 meters or so and then you are at the top.

There is a marker at the peak marking the distances to places you can see from this point.

You have a 360-degree angle view of the surrounding countryside from here.

Phu Pa Por, Loei
The marker at the peak of Phu Pa Por

There are a couple of benches here for visitors to catch their breath after the hard climb.

In my opinion, it is worth the effort to get to this point. Don’t worry about the tractor driver. He will wait for you.

What happens after you come down from the peak?

Once you come down from the peak, you go back to your tractor.

The driver will ask everyone to sit in the back for safety reasons.

Once you are on the tractor, the driver will take you back to the visitor center. That is where your ride finishes.

Is there anywhere to get food at Phu Pa Por?

Yes, there is. Around the edge of the car park, there are many vendors. It is easy to find something to eat and drink here.

Drone footage from the views on Phu Pa Por

Here is some great drone footage from Live Less Ordinary.


Have you ever been to Phu Pa Por?

What did you think?

Do you plan to put it on your list of places to visit next time you visit Loei?

If you are interesting in reading about other places to visit in Loei. Then be sure to read my attractions in Loei blog post.

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