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Huai krathing reservoir Loei

Huai Krathing reservoir Loei is 18 kilometers from Loei city center. At Huai Krathing there are roofed bamboo rafts for rent. You are towed to the middle of the reservoir after you are assigned a raft. On these rafts, you can eat, drink, sleep, swim, or anything you want to do to relax.

If you are visiting Loei and are looking for something to do that is different and relaxing. Then I have an excellent suggestion for you, Huai Krathing reservoir Loei.

How does it work at Huai Krathing?

As you approach Huai Krathing reservoir, you will see little lanes coming off the main road.

At the bottom of these lanes are vendors that rent out the bamboo rafts.

One of the buildings will have a large counter for visitors to go and book a raft.

There are different sized rafts for small and large groups of people.

If you plan to eat on the raft, then you will also need to give your food order at this counter.

The menu will probably be in Thai only. They see so few foreign tourists. Therefore, they do not have English menus.

If you know some words of Thai, this will be a great time to practice for you to practice with the staff.

If you do not know any Thai, then I suggest a little research on Thai food dishes you like to eat or want to try and save pictures or the Thai words of those dishes to your phone.

What happens after I have ordered?

Once you have completed your order, you will then get a raft number.

From there you will be directed down to the water’s edge to where your raft will be.

After you get on the raft, a long boat will come alongside to tow you out onto the reservoir.

Like this.

A long boat at Huai Krathing reservoir towing a raft.
Long boat at Huai Krathing.

Once you arrive at your spot, the guy in the long boat will lower your rafts anchor and leave you to relax.

To arrange a time for the guy to come back. Tell the staff when you order your food, and they will make a note.

If you are not sure how long you require. Use the flags on the rafts.

If you need to ask for something or want to return then raise this flag and a long boat will be sent out to you.

What if I need to use the bathroom?

If you need the bathroom, raise the flag, and a long boat will arrive at your raft in a short while.

They will take you back to the water’s edge so that you can use the bathrooms there.

The long boat will wait for you to return and then take you back to your raft.

Is Huai Krathing beautiful?

Yes, Huai Krathing is very beautiful.

Lush green hills surround the reservoir.

There is a cool breeze coming across the water, so it never feels too hot.

A view point on the road to Huai Krathing
A view point on the road to Huai Krathing.

What are the costs?

The rafts have prices depending on their size. The smallest is for one or two people, and they start at 300 baht for the day.

During peak periods, they will limit the rental time to two hours.

There are much larger rafts that will be more than 300 baht.

The prices I give here should be used as a guide only. The vendors may change their prices at any time.

This price of the raft does not include food or drink.

The food and drink menu will probably be in Thai, but as I said before, it’s a good idea to keep some Thai food names or pictures on your phone.

As the vendor takes your order, you will see the prices next to where they tick. Giving you a chance to see how much the food costs.

When will I get the food I order?

Generally, they tow you out onto the reservoir first then bring your order out to you shortly after.

During the peak period, they may ask you to wait for your food to be ready before towing you out.

When are the peak periods?

Peak season is during the New Year holidays and the Songkran festival.

Huai Krathing will be very busy with tourists. The rafts will likely all be out, and you will have to wait your turn.

I suggest avoiding peak season. You could wait hours before a raft is available.

When do I pay?

They will give you your bill after you return from your stay in the reservoir.

When you get back head to the counter where you ordered your food, and they will have your bill for you there.

Is it easy to get to Huai Krathing?

No, not really. It is not on any bus route. So the options are a taxi, private tour or renting a scooter.

I would recommend you talk to the owner of the guest house or hotel where you are staying.

Here is Huai Krathing reservoir Loei.

How long should I stay at Huai Krathing?

The average time is about three to four hours.

It depends on the number of people that go.

People who go alone stay for a couple of hours, whereas larger groups tend to stay for four, five, or six hours.

Are there any attractions near Huai Krathing?

Huai Krathing is only about 30 kilometers from Phu Ruea.

It is possible to organize a day that includes both Phu Ruea and Huai Krathing.

For more information about Phu Ruea and other exciting places to visit in Loei, please have a look at my ‘Loei points of interest‘ post.

Huai Krathing reservoir Loei on Trip Advisor

At the time of writing this post. Hai Krathing had a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor.

You can find out what visitors had to say about Huai Krathing on Trip Advisor.


If you want to take a break from traveling, then Huai Krathing will help you do that.

It is a great place to unwind and recharge the batteries.

Attractions like Huai Krathing are very hard to find out of South East Asia, so it is a new experience, too.

Huai Krathing is very picturesque and peaceful.

I would recommend avoiding the peak periods of the New Year and Songkran to get the best experience.


Have you ever been to Huai Krathing?

Have you ever had lunch on a raft like this before?

Are you planning to come to Loei in the future?

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