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Dan Sai home of the Phi Ta Khon festival

Dan Sai Loei Thailand is in the province of Loei. It is famous for its yearly Phi Ta Khon (ghost festival).
Dan Sai is a sleepy district town but comes alive once a year during the Phi Ta Khon festival. This festival is famous with visitors from all over the world. Many foreigners make a trip to Thailand to see this great festival.

What else is there to do in Dan Sai?

Where is Dan sai?

Dan Sai is a small town in the province of Loei. Loei is a province in the North East of Thailand. The provincial capital of Loei is Loei city. Dan Sai is about 90 kilometers from Loei City.

Here is Dan Sai on Google maps.

How do I get to Dan Sai?

Dan Sai is on the Loei to Phitsanulok bus route. If you are in Loei or Phitsanulok, then this is the bus you need to take to get to Dan Sai. There is no airport or train station in Dan Sai.

What is there to do in Dan Sai?

Dan Sai is famous for the Phi Ta Khon festival, the Ghost festival.

This festival happens once a year in June or July for three days. It is not the same three days each year.

The organizers pick dates by the lunar cycle.

The Phi Ta khon festival
The Phi Ta khon festival
Photo by Richard Barrow.

The Phi Ta Khon festival is very popular and Dan Sai gets very crowded around at this time.

Finding affordable accommodation is very difficult.

Accommodation gets booked up quickly. Usually straight after the dates are announced, which is about two or three months before the festival begins.

If you are looking for dates for the next Phi Ta Khon festival. Be very careful to check that the dates you find are confirmed dates

There are a few websites about Phi Ta Khon that will put probable dates up before the real dates are confirmed.

If you would like to read more about this festival, then please read my other article entitled, “Phi ta khon, a 3 day must see Thai festival.

The Phi Ta Khon Museum

In a temple in the middle of Dan Sai is the Phi Ta Khon museum.

If you can’t get to Dan Sai for the festival, then this is the next best thing.

Here is the Phi Ta Khon festival on Google maps.

Inside the museum, there are Phi Ta Khon costumes, displays, photographs, and a video room.

Beside the museum is a little gift shop.

Phra That Si Song Rak

Phra That Si Song Rak was built by the Kings of Laos and Thailand to celebrate their bond and unity in about the year 1560.

The site is very popular with Thai tourists. They use the opportunity to make merit and pray.

To get to Phra That Si Song Rak, you have to climb a set of stairs.

They do not allow visitors wearing red to go up to the site.

I am not sure of the reason for this. Someone once told me it was because it resembles blood.

If you are wearing red, expect someone to come over to you and ask you to change before allowing you to go up.

Here is Phra That Si Song Rak on Google maps.

Wat Neramit Wipatsana temple

Just outside Dan Sai is Wat Neramit Wipatsana.

It is just off the Dansai to Phitsanulok highway, on top of a hill.

The founding monk of the temple has a wax statue of himself in front of his casket which is in a small building to the rear left of the main temple hall.

There is a lovely long stairwell that leads you to the temple.

Wat Neramit Wipatsana temple
The beautiful stairwell leading you to the temple of Wat Neramit Wipatsana.

At the top of this stairwell is an archway.

Wat Neramit Wipatsana
The archway at the top of the stairwell at Wat Neramit Wipatsana

After you go through the archway, you come to the temple building. It is very tall with gold colored windows.

Wat Neramit Wipatsana
The gardens surrounding Wat Neramit Wipatsana

Here is Wat Neramit Wipatsana on Google maps.


The Phi Ta Khon festival is famous. Dan Sai is busy during the festival.

The festival is so much fun. There is so much going on.

If you do get a chance to come to Thailand when this festival is on, I highly recommend it.

The Phi Ta Khon museum is worth a visit if you can not make the festival.

Phra That Si Song Rak and Wat Neramit Wipatsana are both religious sites so if you want to experience how Thais do the ritual of ‘Thum Boon,’ making merit.

Then these two sites will give you good examples of that if you want to participate in the ritual.

I would recommend just watching for a few moments to understand the steps to doing it right.

Thai people are very proud of their culture and love it when they see others wanting to join in.

It is not uncommon for Thais to come over to help, when they understand someone is trying to participate in their rituals.


Have you ever been to Dan Sai?

Have you been to the Phi Ta Khon festival?

Where did you stay when you stayed in Dan Sai? Do you have any recommendations?

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